MeteoVue is an innovative use of commmunications GPRS technology to harvest data from remote and distant locations. Data comes from devices such as weather stations and environment and geological monitors and data loggers. MeteoVue uploads and manages data from the devices to ensure that regardless of mobile reception no data is ever missed or lost. You can view sites that have opted to show their data publicly or Sign In to see and download the data from your locations.


Name Type Owner Lat/Long Elev Zone
Valfleury-Vp Davis Vantage Pro2 Y A Company 45.5233/4.49333 720 Paris
Valfleury-Mv MeteoVue 2 Y A Company 45.4388/4.3659 600 Paris
Eastbourne-VP Davis Vantage Pro2 MeteoVue Ltd 50.8117/0.3252 5 London
Eastbourne-Sp Spectrum 2000 Station MeteoVue Ltd 50.8117/0.3252 10 London
Valfleury-Mv2 MeteoVue 2 Y A Company 45.52/4.13 720 Paris
Attingham Walled Garden Davis Vantage Pro2 National Trust 52.6843/-2.6787 55 London
NUL College Davis Vantage Pro2 Newcastle-under-Lyme College 53.0153/-2.2383 119 London
RPSGroup Davis Vantage Pro2 RPS Group 51.8874/-8.6066 20 Dublin
Swasedale Farm Spectrum 2000 Station TWH Clarke & Son (1954) Ltd 52.2228/0.2289 -2 London
Dylife Spectrum 2000 Station Natural Resources Wales 52.5281/-3.67756 427 London